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Thread: EasyBCD Vs Grub

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    EasyBCD Vs Grub

    I have my laptop dual booted with Ubuntu 12.04 and Windows 7 Ultimate. I used THIS installation guide to assist me with the install. I used EasyBCD in Windows 7 to allow me to select which OS would be used upon boot up. I did not realise that Ubuntu 12.04 would have this feature setup automatically. So now when I boot up I get 2 boot option screens:

    What I would like to do is change the boot process so that only GRUB provides boot options. I tried removing both entries in EasyBCD but this led to the laptop not booting at all, saying it could not find the bootloader. Fixed this by running Windows 7 repair. I then tried to set the countdown timer in EasyBCD to zero but then this meant I was only able to boot into Ubuntu.

    Does anyone know what changes I need to make so GRUB boot screen is the only boot option screen I see and that GRUB is the only one that provides OS boot option? Thanks.
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