Hi all

I do use rsync on the commandline at the moment. But I would like to execute all my 5 rsync's with one click, and then possibly automatically shutdown the computer. How can I do this?

my commands are doing the following (the last two go to a nfs-share on a NAS)

rsync -r -t -p -o -g -v --progress --delete --exclude=.* --log-file=/home/roberto/i3vmssd.txt --log-file-format= -l -H -s /media/i3vmssd/i3vmmint /media/vmandimages/vmandimages/vm

rsync -r -t -p -o -g -v --progress --delete --exclude=.* --log-file=/home/roberto/homei3host.txt --log-file-format= -l -H -s /media/homei3host/roberto /media/homei3hostbk

sudo rsync -r -t -p -o -g -v --progress --delete --exclude=.* --log-file=/home/roberto/vmandimages.txt --log-file-format= -l -H -s /media/vmandimages/vmandimages /media/vmandimagesbk

rsync -r -t -p -o -g -v --progress --delete --exclude=.* --log-file=/home/roberto/homei3hostdatanas.txt --log-file-format= -l -H -s -b --backup-dir=`date +%Y-%m-%d` /media/homei3host/roberto /media/datanas

rsync -r -t -p -o -g -v --progress --delete --exclude=.* --log-file=/home/roberto/vmandimagesdatanas.txt --log-sudo file-format= -l -H -s -b --backup-dir=`date +%Y-%m-%d` /media/vmandimages/vmandimages /media/datanas

so can I just put all in a file starting "#!/bin/bash" and just ending with the last command?