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Thread: Ubuntu 13.04 shaping up to be one of the best in my opinion

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    Re: Ubuntu 13.04 shaping up to be one of the best in my opinion

    Quote Originally Posted by craig10x View Post
    That is true, however, everything (including the extended shopping sources) is shut off when you hit that "off" button in your privacy settings...

    @Roasted: I actually make very little use of the dash...i find that with unity, it is best to put all your favorites as well as frequently used apps on it, for quick and easy "1 click access"...
    The only time i use dash (search) is for a rarely used app (like the terminal) and then it's just a matter of typing a few letters and there it is...using it much like you would use the search on say, a kde "kick off" (slab) menu...I don't bother with the various lenses for accessing apps or files...i go directly to my home folder for anything i need (videos, mp3 files, photos, etc)...

    Using unity in that manner makes it very easy to use...
    Right, and I happen to agree with you. The curve ball is just because you and I don't use it, it doesn't make that dash menu any less cluttered. It's still a headache for mouse centric users. I'm a very keyboard centric user, but I saw immediately how obnoxious it was to explain to my mother and my wife how to find applications in Unity. I found it significantly easier to have them TYPE the application to bring it up, which is undoubtedly exponentially nicer than navigating to the applications via clicking. That said, their DE's may be changing for the next upgrade, as both have expressed interest in "whatever you have running on your laptop."

    Quote Originally Posted by vasa1 View Post
    There's the Drawers PPA that lets users organize their stuff better in the Launcher. So there may not be need to visit the Dash. Of course, one has to take the initial steps of organizing things correctly.
    That sounds pretty promising actually. Taking the initial steps to organize things in accordance to how the user wants is an inevitable step regardless of what OS you use. No OS comes out of the box 110% with the icons placed where you want them, shortcuts arranged accordingly, etc. I'm thankful for PPAs that enable users to have extended access to things, just like how I'm using a different launcher that's not yet integrated to KDE. I hope someday that functionality is baked into Unity. Needing a series of 3rd party applications just to customize simple parameters of my interface feels like my Windows days.
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