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My other users need to be able to look in a media directory and other files not under /home (such as /var/www and others. I can't just stop them from accessing every system folder.
* It is a good idea to backup the system before you do this, because you can easily break the system, if you remove permissions or change ownership on certain files.
Yes, this is possible with Pacman's method. Do you need detailed advice?

- create a group and add those with higher permissions into that group. You can give it any name (not yet used), for example 'plus'.
or edit directly the file /etc/group if you know what you are doing

- set the permissions of some directories to be only accessible by the user and that group, 750.
sudo chmod 750 directory
(Use the actual name of the directory to be addressed.)

- set the group ownership of those directories to be 'plus'
sudo chgrp plus directory
- set the permissions of other directories to be accessible by everybody, 755 (you wrote 'such as /var/www and others')
sudo chmod 755 directory
- /tmp should always have rwx for everybody, 777, for the system to work properly.

* Check with
ls -l
in the directory above the one you want to check, that the permissions are what you want.

- You may need to set permissions and ownership of certain files too. Then use the file name(s) instead of a directory name in the chmod and chgrp command lines.