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Have you seen the wiki page describing how to make 12.04 fallback look like Gnome 2?
Thanks Cheesemill. I'll take a look at that, but I'm not certain I want a classic Gnome desktop with no enhancements. It's not that I don't like Unity 3D, it's that I find the delays on my hardware perceptible and annoying. I guess I must be impatient by nature. I find most classic desktops getting old and dated looking to me, and it's probably why I didn't just switch to Mint.

Unfortunately for me, perhaps, I even love the new W8 desktop, complete with Metro tiles and tons of new keyboard shortcuts (as well as speedy boot times). I find it dynamic and colorful, but I'm not sure I'm ready for that leap of faith yet though! I suffered too much pain with W2K and XP. The really painful experiences were rare occurrences, but even once every two years is too much to burden myself with after such a solid run with Lucid Lynx and it's stellar performance (in my view).