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Thread: Unbootable after installing Ubuntu 12.10

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    Unbootable after installing Ubuntu 12.10


    My first goal was to install Ubuntu 12.10 on my old computer to replace Windows XP. I began by installing Ubuntu 12.10 alongside WinXP, just for a test. It worked pretty well. But I did not want to keep WinXP.

    So I installed Ubuntu to replace WinXP. But the installation stops at the window that asks ''Who Are You'', the files are copied and the activity indicator stops spinning after a while. I can never get the ''Welcome window'' neither the message ''installation complete''.

    If I shut the power off and I restart, the computer does not boot. Instead I get a black screen with a small dash that turns on and off in the upper left corner. I did make the proper changes to the boot priority in the bios.

    However, when I try to reinstall Ubuntu, it recognizes that it is already installed offering me to install Ubuntu 12.10 alongside Ubuntu 12.10 or to replace Ubuntu 12.10!

    What went wrong? Can someone help me?

    Thank you.
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