Hello all,

I am attempting to install Raring Ringtail on my Samsung Ativ SmartPC, and I am having issues with it. I extracted the contents from the ISO onto my usb (using ISO2USB), and then I try to boot from the USB thumbdrive (right swipe, change PC settings, general, advanced startup). After selecting my USB device, the screen goes dark, and the activity light on the USB thumbdrive starts blinking, but only for about a second. The system then shuts off, and boots into windows 8.

Upon investigation I read that the maximum storage space supported on a thumbdrive is only 4GB; I had been using a 16GB. I then deleted the partition on the USB device and created a new one, only being 3.5GB. This leaves me with the same result.

Note: Secure boot has been disabled, for I have read that it causes issues.

Any help would greatly be appreciated, for I have spent A LOT of time trying to figure this out on my own. I had no idea that M$ made a once simple process, so incredibly complicated.