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    Lightbulb Vintage Email Server Application

    Attention: Not sure if this is completely the best place to post this; if not so, then whatever admin or moderator can feel free to move it accordingly (not that you don't already have such power -- I am merely suggesting). Onward to my post.

    So, I'm not completely new to Linux. I have office experience with Lucid Puppy and Ubuntu. I, also, have a bit of gaming experience with Ubuntu. I started on windows 98 as a child. I remember
    that there were some applications that could host a virtual email server in XP as I aged. Later, I learned of older versions that were for Unix systems that would export directly to a C terminal. I'm looking for an updated or outdated version of any email server applications that run in the Unix environment that perform as described.

    Feel free to list any newer email server applications that I can export/manipulate via terminal as well. I like to experience the way that things were long ago, but I'm also a fan of the visual effect
    that it brings.

    ~Thanks in advance.
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