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Thread: Dualbooting Ubuntu 12.10 w/ Windows 8 w/ UEFI installed

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    Dualbooting Ubuntu 12.10 w/ Windows 8 w/ UEFI installed

    Hello all, just a disclaimer, I am completely new to installing Ubuntu, so please bear with me. I recently purchased a Windows 8 laptop (for java programming), and I have realized first hand how awful Windows 8 is (especially for Eclipse). I understand that Ubuntu is phenomenal with Eclipse and programming in general, and would like to Dualboot it with Windows 8.

    I have a USB flashdrive (4gb) that I am hoping to install the iso to. I am planning on using Ubuntu as my daily os, just still want to have Windows in-case I want to play some games or something. So I do want to have quite a bit of my harddrive allocated to Ubuntu. So anyways, I would love if someone can help me step-by-step dualboot Ubuntu on Windows 8 (UEFI), and hope to hear from someone soon.

    Thanks in advance,
    William O'Brien
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