The following information has been in circulation for LXDE users who want to add a panel shortcut to the shutdown functions:In a terminal session, create and open the new file:
gksudo leafpad /usr/share/applications/lubuntu-logout.desktop
Then these commands are added to the file:
[Desktop Entry]
Comment=Shutdown or Reboot
Shutdown then appears under the Preferences category when you create an Application Launch Bar on the Panel, and then press the Edit button. What I want to do is create such a file for opening pcman to a folder, such as Documents, Downloads, or Music.

What I need help with is how to do this relative to the above example? The first four commands shown above appear to be self-explanatory. I expect that pcmanfm, followed by my path to the desire folder should follow "Exec=". But what is that statement "#NoDisplay=True?" Will I need this for the LXDE panel to display it somewhere within my Application Launch Bar => Edit options? Should I choose some other "Type" than "Application", and what are the options anyway? I don't think I understand the last statement either, "Categories=Settings;" either.

I'm also wondering what part of the above code told the LXDE panel to display the Shutdown application under "Preferences" within the Application Launch Bar => Edit window. How would I be able to list or create a different category, and make LXDE display it there?