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Thread: Video Resolution on Live Disk

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    Question Video Resolution on Live Disk

    I'm testing various flavors on Linux this way before I commit and install.

    Today is my first ever try at Ubuntu/Xubuntu, and the standard video is 1024x768. My VGA CRT monitor is capable of higher resolution, and on this 17 inch monitor, only about half or less of a page shows before I have to start scrolling. I went to the Display section in the settings manager and 1024 x 768 is the highest resolution shown. 60 hz is the only refresh rate shown, and this monitor will go up to 85.

    How do I adjust the resolution? Am I stuck?

    Will this be a problem when Linux is installed? The monitor never had its own drivers, but always used the Windows generic ones and/or the Intel ones that came with integrated chipset. Once Ubuntu is actually installed, the icon for my Intel graphic control will show up, won't it?

    I have ordered a new graphic card, Nvidia 620, but the monitor will remain the same
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