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Thread: Need help with Aircrack-ng.

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    Need help with Aircrack-ng.

    My friend told me I can crack into his WEP network and for the most part, I've had no problems. I've already collected all the packets I need and I've got all the drivers I need. However, when I run "aircrack-ng -b (his bssid) dumpfile.cap" I get the error "open failed: No such file or directory"So does anyone see any obvious errors I've made? Or do you perhaps know how I might find out if I have the correct .cap filename?

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    Re: Need help with Aircrack-ng.

    Because of the potential illicit or illegal use of aircrack, this forum does not allow support questions.

    You may either find an aircrack forum or have a look at backtrack.

    Thread closed.
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