Hello. I posted a question on the askubuntu section and got a useless answer. http://askubuntu.com/questions/26005...nitor-in-12-10

I've got a fresh install of Ubuntu Desktop 12.10 32-bit with Team Viewer 8.

My motherboard is an ASUS M2N-MX SE PLUS that has an integrated Nvidia GeForce 6100 video card.

I'm trying to set it up so I can leave my machine next to my router so I don't have to run the cord past everyone's rooms where they can trip on it. However there is just enough room to fit the tower and it will look very weird with a monitor randomly jutting out.

I've been to several websites explaining how to change the xorg-config file all of them have failed me and I've ended up having to reinstall Ubuntu to fix the "fixes".

What I'm trying to do is setup my machine to automatically startup Team Viewer 8, which I've already done, and then I'll use Team Viewer to restart the server I'm running off the machine or run any updates that are needed.

Of course Ubuntu won't boot up if it does not detect a monitor and the xorg-config edit's I've found don't do squat.

Am I missing something important?
If there is any other kind of information you need let me know.
I'm also slightly new to Ubuntu. If you tell me what to type into the terminal I can get it done.