I had 8.04LTS from April 2008 till 2 weeks ago. Did a upgrade(?) to 12.04LTS.
This was easy and worked great!
Have 2 hard drives – (Not Windows!)
One with 37GB (/ , boot, Extended(1.8M), Swap(1.8M))
One with 250GB (Extended(1GB), Swap(1GB), unallocated(228GB))

Q1: Why/how do I have 2 swap(s) ?
Q2: Would like to add each swap (if I need both!) to 2GB. Easy?
Q3: Could the 250GB be unallocated first, extended next and swap last?
(Or leave let there?)
Q4: Would like to move(?) /home from the 37GB to a partition in the 250GB?
With a extra partition for /data.
Q5: Don't no what is in the 250GB extended – (194Mb of ????). Is it 'right' to
'format' the drive first? (My Ubuntu OS and boot is in the 37GB)