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Thread: [SOLVED] In looking for mp3 tags program

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    Question [SOLVED] In looking for mp3 tags program

    Hi, all!
    Sorry, if wrong the forum! I look for editing mp3 tags program. Tried "THE BEST" program "Easy Tag", but she is so unfriendly and hard for work. Next trying is "PuddleTag, but she unable to save changes and has great friendly window.

    Ta, Looking mp3 tag program!
    Im using Mint 13 MATE 32bit on laptop.
    Sorry for my bad English, but Im a Bulgarian!
    Pls HELP!

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    Re: In looking for mp3 tags program

    all i know of is a music player called amarok allows you to edit tags. you dont have to use its library function, you can access the music files as if it were a file manager.

    then right-click the tracks and choose edit track details

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    Re: In looking for mp3 tags program

    MusicBrainz Picard. It supports the majority of audio file formats, is capable of using audio fingerprints (PUIDs, AcoustIDs), performing CD lookups and disc ID submissions, and it has excellent Unicode support. Additionally, there are several plugins available that extend it's features.
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    Re: In looking for mp3 tags program

    The only tag editor specifically for that job, but not mentioned, that I have used is tagtool. It's in the repos, and worth a look, though is in some ways similar to easytag, which you don't like.

    Give it a viewing to see if you think it's better than others you've used.
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    Red face Re: In looking for mp3 tags program

    Hi, again!

    @ajgreeny, thank you for the proposal; it's work!

    After a week of using "TagTool" I can say: This tool is almost perfect, because no option for album cover!
    If someone has answer of the mini-problem, be free to share with us!

    Tnx, again for the HELP!


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