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Thread: Raring Unity Firefox not starting up when clicked on

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    Raring Unity Firefox not starting up when clicked on

    I installed yesterday's iso and after getting it all setup. I noticed that when I clicked on Firefox in the Unity bar it would not start. I would click on it again and still nothing.
    So I opened System Monitor and under the Processes tab there were 2 instances of Firefox running for everytime I clicked on the Unity icon:

    So I had to kill all Firefox processes and then right click on the Firefox icon in unity and then click on "open a new window" for it to work.
    I installed Cairo Dock and it opened Firefox normally. So I installed Gnome Fallback and am using that. After getting some updates today I logged out and selected Ubuntu default (Unity)
    and it does the same thing.

    Wondering if any one else is experiencing this same thing.
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