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Thread: Dual-boot Windows on Ubuntu

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    Re: Dual-boot Windows on Ubuntu

    c5vetter -
    Take good note of oldfred's advice re UEFI etc. It's REALLY important advice.

    If there's no Windows then don't sweat it, you can do any shrinking with GParted.
    IF, at some point, you do need to shrink a windows partition use the Windows disk management tool (start > computer > manage > disk management) to avoid corruption & ruining Windows.

    Other than that, you've understood my thought process accurately.
    It does look like you aren't going to need Windows though, which is nice
    (I keep Windows around to use as a big video game machine).
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    Re: Dual-boot Windows on Ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by c5vetter View Post

    Checked out Taxslayer, in addition to TaxAct and Online Taxes, and all three will work with Firefox web browser, which is good. All three have what is commonly referred as Premium or Ultimate packages, whereby you can do both federal and state returns on-line for around $20.00 per return. As "family tax man", I have been using TaxAct as downloadable desktop package, because I could do multiple returns which included as many federal returns as I wanted to do up to five; just had to pay $7.95 per return for state of Maryland returns. So, on-line looks like would need to setup an individual username for each return. DECISION TIME!

    Am thinking on-line maybe the way to go, as really no other need for Windows!
    Ultimately, we want you to be able to file your taxes without even having to consider installing a different OS (although we don't always get our cake and eat it too). There are a lot of good pointers here. If you end up compromising with the powers that be and go for another Windows install, you're all set with the instructions!
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    Re: Dual-boot Windows on Ubuntu

    NO backup of Windows 8, so NO Windows environment present - am thinking will do some "tweaks" within the Ubuntu desktop and just enjoy - will worry about taxes next year, as this year (2012) already filed for the entire family!

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