im trying to configure libpam-mount to mount user homes when a user logs in via freenx, this worked on 10.04 LTS but pam is not playing along on 12.04.

The problems come from the way pam-mount is invoked in pam, at first it only invoked for the nx user and not the user who is logging in, moving the pam_mount.so entry higher in common-session made pam-mount invoke for both nx user and the user logging in. The nx user fails to authenticate in samba witch is normal but so does the users attempt, witch means pam is forwarding the wrong credentials. Mounting the share manually works fine.

I need some help from anyone who is familiar with how the /etc/pam.d files on 12.04 work, i simply don't understand how they work as a whole so i don't know what im doing. I do however know what i have to realize:
1.Make sure pam forwards the users login password
2.(optional) limit pam-mount to a distinct group(to excluse the nx and root user)

Alternatively, if anyone knows a better way to mount samba shares from a central server at login, id be more then happy to try it since libpam-mount is not maintained anymore witch is the reason for all these issues