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Thread: Can't see trash in root after sudo Nautilus

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    Can't see trash in root after sudo Nautilus


    I did a pretty stupid thing to run "sudo Nautilus", and deleted about 160GB of files in it...
    And then I can't reclaim the space in that HD. Later I tried to use "gksudo Nautilus" to see the trash but got an error message: "The folder contents could not be displayed. Sorry, could not display all the contents of "trash": Operation not supported".

    Is there any way around this to get the hard disk space back?

    Thanks a lot for helping!

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    Re: Can't see trash in root after sudo Nautilus

    You can use something like baobab to establish whether the files are in root's Trash or your own (or just delete them both). Use rm on the command line in the appropriate place to remove them. You'll need the -r option. I believe the user's trash is in ~/.local/share/Trash and root's is /root/.local/... There will also be a Trash folder in the root directory of any other attached filesystems.
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