I like powerdvd's feature of how the mouse wheel controls the scan forward/back speed while watching a dvd.
Move the wheel forward, the dvd starts scanning forward at say, 3x speed. Wheel forward again and it increases the speed to say, 8x or 16x or 32x. While scanning forward a slight move of the wheel in the opposite direction (eg. back) brings you back to normal (1x) speed automatically. Visa versa for scanning in reverse. I think I have the directions right. It's been a while since I have used powerdvd.

I would love to have a program that works in Ubuntu that would do that. Does anyone know of a Linux dvd player program that has this feature? I have tried VLC and am frustrated by the awkward way to scan forward/back and can't get easily back to 1x speed when i get to the spot I want. Often, I didn't understand what an actor has said and I want to replay that sentence so, jumping back to the previous scene is not helpful.

Thanks, in advance, for any suggestions you might have