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Thread: So I tried Debian Squeeze...

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    Re: So I tried Debian Squeeze...

    Old + bugfixes = stable. New software, and new releases, aren't added to Debian Stable. That's what keeps it stable.

    So, hardware that's younger than the current Stable release might have problems.

    RHEL/CentOS is of similar vintage. Red Hat also focuses on bugfix updates and avoids adding new software and new releases to RHEL. It does, though, backport many new kernel features into the RHEL kernel which might mean it is more amenable to newer hardware than Debian Stable. I'm not familiar with how Debian handles the kernel in a Stable release.

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    Re: So I tried Debian Squeeze...

    Quote Originally Posted by codingman View Post
    I'm currently distro jumping, and so far I am very happy with Netrunner, or maybe that's just because every other KDE distro out there has a billion unused applications and eye-candy hainging around every corner. I was wondering if anyone here has tried Crunchbang. I wanted to know if it was worth trying.
    I use Crunchbang exclusively on all my machines. I love the distro and especially that it's Debian based.
    @OP- Debian does occasionally require a little more initial setup- it's free as in freedom, and built from the ground up for stability. If you want everything done for you, you're going to sacrifice some simplicity (and therefore) stability as well. At the risk of sounding like a snobby Debian user, it's not for someone who can't be asked to help themselves.
    I've found that it's been worth the extra effort I put into it.

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