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    Re: Welcome to the upgraded forum!

    My complaint: URLs in the code box appear shortened.

    The link works upon clicking, but not for copying which is unfortunate, unproductive, and ironic given the "huge tracts of land" available in the message area. Then again, maybe it's this OS/browser (OS X 10.8.2 / Firefox 19). I'm stuck at a friend's place minding a fish smoker.

    Edit: Nevermind. Seconds later after posting this I realized that I added [url][/url] tags to the link without paying attention. Duh.

    I understand how much work can go into upgrading a forum. I ran a low-volume one, but with a good amount of customizations, from 2004-2012 (Facebook and mobile basically killed it), and even upgrading that was not a trivial task.

    Quote Originally Posted by Paddy Landau View Post
    One of the niggles, which no one has yet pointed out: on the first page, every forum name, apart from the last in each section, ends with a comma.
    Commas after forum names.png
    Yes, I, agree, that, those, superfluous, commas, should, go.
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