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Thread: Install GnucashEditor

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    Install GnucashEditor

    This is an editor for Gnucash data to help automate tasks. It contains jGnucashEditor, jGnucashLib, and jGnucashViewer. The viewer and Gnucash data can be given to an auditor at tax time, so it can be reviewed. It can also be used to close the books, which is why I'm looking at it.

    Has anyone installed this editor? I downloaded it from The instructions say to extract the file to a local directory, and start it by running the executable lib/jpf-boot.jar. I get the Message: can't find plug-in class in the jpf-boot-error.txt file, so the package doesn't install properly. I can't find any answers on the web, and hope somebody else has seen the problem, and been able to resolve it. Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.
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    Re: Install GnucashEditor

    I have the same problem on Ubuntu 12.10 LTS.
    "Application start failed. Error: can't find plug-in class"


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