After some kind of update, my Google Chrome got all rascally and now all it does is kill my network connection. That means that even when I have both Firefox and Chrome running, Chrome can somehow screw up the connection so that Firefox doesn't work. So I'm back to Firefox only for the moment. I really want both.

After much Googling (long discussion here:, it looks like it is a DNS lookup problem that lies somewhere between my provider, Ubuntu and Chrome. Not sure who is to blame, but I need some advice.

1) Can I debug the problem using WireShark? And how?
2) I hesitate to ask, since I have tried an array of solutions, but has anyone a fix for Ubuntu? Changing the DNS server seems like the obvious solution, but while I can set that on my computer, I don't see how to set that on my router and I have the impression that the router is overriding anything I might do on my Ubuntu.