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Thread: best way to instal on my rig

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    best way to instal on my rig

    ok so im familiar with the usual way to dual boot a computer, however my rig is a little special and need some advice on the best way to do this.

    currently i have windows 7 on a 30GB SSD with junction points leading to a 1TB HDD then i also have a 1.5TB Media drive.

    Idealy I'd like to have ubuntu running on the 30GB SSD and move the windows install to the 1TB on a partition but I dont know how the junction points would act with that since they were set up for 2 seperate physical drives, and if at all possible I'd like to avoid having to reinstall windows.

    the other obvious option I see is to install ubuntu on the 1TB but id prefer to have it on the SSD since I'll be using ubuntu as my primary OS and windows basically just for gaming.

    Any advice Would be great, thanks.

    PS. I'd like to keep the windows install as a separate partition so my program files and user directory are kept separate from the rest of the installation.
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