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I normally suggest 10 to 25GB for / (root) and then have separate /home or data partition(s). You can from gparted try shrinking your current / partition to see if that helps. About 50% that I suggest that to find it works. Or you may have to have a separate small /boot near the beginning of the drive.

If shrinking works, you can use gparted from liveCD and create a new partition for /home.
To move /home uses rsync- Be sure to use parameters to preserve ownership & permissions

or you can just create a partition for data and mount that into /home.

Splitting home directory discussion and details:
Link is on move home but see post by bodhi.zazen on data partition #6

With dual booting with Windows you should really have a shared NTFS data partition so you do not write into the Windows system partition. Use shared data NTFS for any data you may want in both systems and set Windows as read only from Ubuntu.

Shared /data (NTFS)-see post #3 oldfred
Mount, hide & link windows partition
Mount NTFS partition:
I tried resizing sda3 from 190 GB to 20 GB using gparted but it is not allowing me to do that. It starts the process but n error message pops up and doesn't allow the operation to continue. The error just says "unable to resize partition".

I really have no idea what to do here.