Hello all,

Recently I dug around in my garage and found my old laptop. Put Ubuntu on it and it's been running great. There is one problem though; the fans don't work properly. I believe this is a common issue with Toshibas under Ubuntu. After a suspend, the fans cease to spin and the CPU overheats, even when performing normal tasks such as browsing the web, resulting in an immediate shutdown with no prior warning signs.

The computer itself runs fine, but this error has been annoying me to no end. The only way I can get the fans to work after a suspend is if I use lm-sensors and keep a terminal around and keep typing "sensors" in, but even that doesn't work. I tried sensors-detect, but it said that no controllable sensor modules were found.

Another thing, when I do type in "sensors," the readout is

Adapter: Virtual device
temp1:        +xx.xC  (crit = +105.0C)
temp2:         +0.0C  (crit = +105.0C)
temp3:         +0.0C  (crit = +105.0C)
temp4:        +xx.xC  (crit = +105.0C)
There aren't any CPU labels or GPU labels there to guide me into knowing which temperature is which. Either way, if I do not monitor sensors frequently, temp1 goes to 74C and temp4 goes to 65C. After I run sensors again, the fan immediately kicks in full blast, and then seems to correct itself, and temp1 falls back down to 49-55C and temp4 usually remains at around 47-48C. Both of these temperatures are far higher than they should be; I took apart the computer and cleaned out the entire heatsink and fan assembly of all dust and applied fresh thermal paste to the CPU and GPU. Even when my computer was dust-clogged, under Windows XP CPU temps would never go above 60C at full load, and idle temps used to be around 30-35C.

So, without lm-sensors working, I'm left with no options. Please help; this computer was very expensive and powerful when I originally bought it in 2005 and still runs like a charm. If the fan problem can be fixed, I can hold out buying a new computer for 2-3 years!

Model #: Toshiba Satellite A105
CPU: Intel Pentium M Single-core 1.73 GHz
GPU: Intel Mobile Graphics Chipset
Hard Disk: Seagate Momentus 250GB 2.5" Drive
Memory: Kingston DDR2 800MHz RAM (2 DIMMs)
Motherboard: Toshiba Mobile Motherboard