Hi, I recently installed Linux Mint and I had a bit of a mishap. I plugged in a usb thumb drive, and it said it couldn't open it. It brought up a menu to ask me what I wanted to use to open it with, and I chose to open it as a folder. Now every time I double click on the thumb drive mounted on the desktop, It says, "Could not display "/media/slimmons/B8E8-342E". The location is not a folder." How do I change how it tries to open? As for right now the only way I can get my old information to this new system is to open via sudo, both folders. Once I open one of these usb hard drives as root, and get things transferred over like music....it won't even let me import music into banshee without opening banshee as root. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Side note. I know ppl will ask if it's NTFS, or Fat32....there is no problem with the format, they all open fine on my linux mint laptop.