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Thread: 12.04.2 .Xauthority login after reboot issues

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    12.04.2 .Xauthority login after reboot issues


    After upgrading to 12.04.2 LTS I had the famous login issue with the dark screen showing for a split second, then going back to lightdm.
    I found out I could remove ~/.Xauthority or chown/chgrp .Xauthority to my username and group to make everything work again, having to use one of the tty s to do so.
    However, the issue is that I have to do this at every boot to be able to log in.
    I've got an encrypted home folder which is decrypted as I log in.

    I had a search first, but couldn't find a solution to my particular variant of this problem.


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    Re: 12.04.2 .Xauthority login after reboot issues

    Do you have some GUI program launching with root privileges either from a cron job, or from one of your start scripts (e.g. /etc/rc.local)?

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    Re: 12.04.2 .Xauthority login after reboot issues

    You mean something that would be prefaced with sudo/gksu or need root permissions?
    Nothing in crontab or rc.local.
    I'm using awesome instead of unity. Lightdm automatically detected it as a session and so I have awesome launching a few things when I log in, but non of them need root AFAIK.

    here's a list of what's started by awesome in case:
    [dropbox,nm-applet,caffeine,redshift,xcompmgr,synapse,conky,in idicator-multiload,xfce4-volumed,xscreensaver,pcmanfm,touchegg]


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