Probably not the place but I think it is worth it!

Just to let you know that the music creation program, Chaotic Daw, which was been "released" to windows is now (at least it seems so) open source!


This is quite a nice work from what I test on windows, and honestly, much better than almost everything open source on Linux (for electronic music at least). It isn't also the same paradigm of most DAWs, although not much different, making it even more interesting, it would be a waste to let this fade out into oblivion.

So if anyone want a try and make the much need linux Achilles knee (audio production) a little better, here is one of your chances.

I may help with translations or something like but I cant code so I will just let the suggestion here.

As a guy that likes to (try to) do music and Linux, thanks for reading this.

(PS: there is other being actively developed here http://pydaw.org/ also seems that can become something really, really nice, but it is in a more immature state).