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Thread: This audio ain't worth Jack.

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    Unhappy This audio ain't worth Jack.

    So, I've been trying for about a week now to fix a pulseaudio/jack disagreement in 12.10. I hardly know anything about Ubuntu, so any explanation of a potential fix goes right over my head.

    Here's an example of my problem:

    Say I'm watching a youtube video tutorial about Ardour. When I start Ardour, the audio from the video disappears. Not just that, but all audio except audio from Ardour. I can exit out of Ardour, and stop Jack with qjackctl, but the audio still won't play until I reboot.

    This is terribly inconvenient, and if I can't resolve it soon, I'll probably just go back to Windows. I like Ubuntu well enough, but it doesn't really make sense to me how this problem even exists. How can I fix this?
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