I'm very new to Ubuntu (second day using it) so I may not know all the terms of what I'm trying to say.

I set up Ubuntu on a 32GB USB drive with a 25GB partition to save all my data on. This works fine on the computer that I set this up on (runs windows 7), and opens up to

and it saves all my data between sessions, etc.

Then I tried plugging it into my other computer (running windows 8 UEFI). After configuring the BIOS to have USB priority, it boots to

It doesn't give me an option to boot in persistent mode. It does start up if i select trial mode, but none of my data or partitions show up. I tried running boot repair, but it didn't seem to do anything. I also tried this on another Windows 7 PC (can't confirm right now, but I'm pretty sure it also used UEFI) and had the same issue.

Why do they boot to different screens, and how can I get my Windows 8 computera to boot in persistent mode?