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Thread: I'm trying to install xbmcbuntu...

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    I'm trying to install xbmcbuntu...

    I just bought a new computer that came with windows 8, it has a AMD everything....

    It is a Gateway

    I'm trying to install xbmcbuntu

    Every single ubuntu version that I try to install freezes at start up and the gives green error messages.

    It's a frozen purple screen with two icons on the very bottom, and centered in the bottom, it shows a keyboard icon (I think) and an equals sign followed by a little man icon with his legs and arms spread wide open.

    How can I install xbmcbuntu on this brand new machine with 6 gigs? Surely it can handle it?

    PLEASE HELP! And help FAST or my wife will shoot me!


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    Re: I'm trying to install xbmcbuntu...

    What video card is in the computer? This might help:

    You can install Ubuntu, Xubuntu or Linux Mint, then install XBMC.

    You mentioned error messages, but you didn't quote any of them.

    Did you free up some space on the hard drive, to install Ubuntu on?

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