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Thread: video problem with google chrome

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    Re: video problem with google chrome

    Quote Originally Posted by LLigetfa View Post
    I have installed Ubuntu onto several laptops using the exact same steps so except for hardware specific differences, they all have essentially the same software and the same config.

    This are the chrome://flash report for the 8540w which works:
    Google Chrome 25.0.1364.97 ()
    OS Linux
    Flash plugin 11.6.602.171 /opt/google/chrome/PepperFlash/
    Flash plugin 11.2 r202 /usr/lib/flashplugin-installer/ (not used)

    The 6510b is identical but produces snow. The second more recently built 6510b has a slightly newer version of Chrome but it still doesn't work.

    I also installed Ubuntu/Chrome on models nc4200, nc4400, nc6220, and nc6320 and they all work fine. It is only the 6510b that does not.
    Recent updates on the 6510b resolved this yellow snow problem.

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    Re: video problem with google chrome

    Quote Originally Posted by Frogs Hair View Post
    I believe chrome defaults to pepper if there is no other flash version installed. ...
    Even if both Flash versions are installed and enabled, the Pepper Flash will take precedence.
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