I've got Kubuntu on a couple of ASUS netbooks. I've had different versions of Kubuntu, the most recent being 12.10. One netbook is 32 bit, the other 64 bit; the problem exists on both.

The system won't let me log off. This problem didn't start right away - I went for months without any problem. But then one day I tried to log off, and the system started to shut down, then came back up in the "log in" screen, waiting for my user name and password.

It won't let me "restart" from that point. It won't let me "shutdown" from that point. Clicking those options has no effect. I can either log back in, or else shut down using the power button - and that screws things up. Also issuing a "shutdown -P" command from the command line screws things up. By this I mean that the next time I log on, my startup programs and features are missing.

I had this problem before. When newer versions of Kubuntu came out, I wiped out each netbook and reinstalled the new version from scratch. I can't think of how I could have wound up reinstalling some bug from version to version. The only common factor is that these are both ASUS products; and of course, it's me playing around with them...

I *do* install quite a bit of software as I play around seeing what works and how well. However, I also make sure to keep the systems up to date, doing any updates as they come out.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do about this?