Hi there, I'm running Ubuntu 12.10 with GNOME Desktop installed alongside Unity. 4 days ago when my husband was at work, his suddenly started acting 'wonky', when he got home from work yesterday I realized that portions of it had been set to 'read-only' and after a bit of googling decided that it might be the hard drive failing, but thought I'd try re-installing. Initially I re-installed, w/o formatting his /home partition, which initially worked using Unity. But after I re-installed GNOME and updated it, it went back to not functioning... at which point I did a full reformat and it now (running Unity - with very little else installed) seems to be OK.

However, in the midst of this, my computer suddenly started doing the *exact same thing* - I'm now in the midst of backing up my data on our third 'backup' desktop which is usually my childrens' system (Xubuntu 12.10).

When I restart my system it says there are errors in the /home partition and asks if I want to fix them, when I say yes, it seems to and then boots OK... but the next time I shutdown/reboot it does this again, and after working on it for a couple of hours the file system will suddenly set itself to 'read only'... which is exactly what his was doing.

Any thoughts or suggestions?