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Thread: Make terminal window more pretty

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    Make terminal window more pretty


    We just ordered a new virtual server and it is splendid.
    However, we don't want to use the standard user setup by our supplier and, fo course, we wand a user each.

    The problem is that when I create a new user the terminal is extremely ugly. No colours and keys like tab won't work so we can't really use these users.

    I have copied .profile to my new user, but it made no difference.

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    Re: Make terminal window more pretty

    It sounds you might be in another type of shell. From the terminal submit

    :~$ bash
    If that fixes it you can change the default shell to bash. Run the following command to get the location of the bash binary:

    :~$ which bash
    Once you have that (something like /bin/bash or /usr/local/bash) then you use that for the next command which changes the default login shell:

    :~$ chsh -s /bin/bash <user>
    You will need to enter the password for the user that you want to change the login shell for. Log out and back in again to check that is sorted.
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