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Thread: how can i install idm in my ubuntu

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    Unhappy how can i install idm in my ubuntu

    please help me sir..its my first tme to use ubuntu on my pc...anyone help me please

    i tried tosearch at internet but nothing i could find...
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    Re: how can i install idm in my ubuntu

    Hi and welcome to the Ubuntu Forums

    Please explain more about your computer, operating system(s) and your problem!

    "A good description is almost a solution" - well, at least it makes it much easier for us reading your thread to understand and give you good advice.

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    Re: how can i install idm in my ubuntu

    IDM - Internet Download Manager, if that's what you are referring to, is a Windnows application and does not run in Linux. I suggest trying a native Linux download manager, like JDownloader or FatRat. They are both nice programs.

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    Re: how can i install idm in my ubuntu

    Quote Originally Posted by Thee View Post
    IDM - Internet Download Manager..
    If it's really that, then FireFox has a really good (& only one that integrates with it) plugin - "DownThemAll".
    In FireFox-
    Tools > Add-ons > Search "downthemall" > install > restart FireFox.
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