My netbook's hardware is, with the right drivers, capable of running the games I've been trying to run. I know this because only a few days ago, all of them were working under Ubuntu. I've since installed lubuntu, and I'm not 100% sure what's wrong because I'm not 100% sure what my drivers were before. I thought they were the current Mesa OpenGL drivers, but those seem to be installed from what I can see. I'm a bit of a newb though, and I don't really trust my own assessments of this stuff.

The error that happens is that nothing happens. I try to open the game, and it's as if I did nothing. I've tried three games so far, and for each one the shell script brings me to the option to execute, and I click it, and then nothing happens. It doesn't hang or freeze or lag or anything, it just doesn't execute. When I looked up this error, I found people mostly suggesting driver updates, but I think (not sure, but I think) that they're fine? I wish I'd kept track of what was current, re: drivers, before I did this wipe and reinstall.