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Thread: Cannot import GPS data from Forerunner 305

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    Cannot import GPS data from Forerunner 305

    Hello everyone,

    I just recently installed Ubuntu on our desktop PC and my father uses an Forerunner 305 GPS wristwatch when he goes out for a jog.

    On Windows he always used the the program Garmin Trainingscenter to import the data gathered during his run (things like the route he did, speed, distance etc.). I searched on internet and saw that Pytrainer was a program which offered the same features and also had support for the Forerunner 305.

    So I installed it but when I press the "import" button, initially it looks like he is importing the data (the Forerunner gives a bleep and a progress bar is running). But when he is done, nothing shows up in the program.

    Is there someone here who also has this GPS watch and got it to work under Ubuntu? If so, is there something I am doing wrong? I am using the latest version of Pytrainer (version 1.9.2-dev) and "gpsbabel" (a program needed to communicate with the watch) that came with Ubuntu 12.10.

    Thanks in advance for the help!

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    Re: Cannot import GPS data from Forerunner 305


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