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Thread: Desktop sessions unstable

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    Desktop sessions unstable

    Ok, I have had to re-install Ubuntu 12.04 LTS several times probably cause I installed conflicting packages. Ubuntu and Cario dock are only 2 sessions that are stable. It boots with the plasma gray look and login asks for username and you must choose session. Metacity will not boot, lxde is very glitchy seems to have display problems and kde plasma will not do any effects. Please help. Thanks

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    Re: Desktop sessions unstable

    Not a long answer yet, but are you using 32bit or 64bit?

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    Lightbulb Re: Desktop sessions unstable

    Not hugely familiar with the range desktop environments that you can use in Ubuntu but it sounds like you are using loads of a different tweaks and addons to a desktop environment thats not even native to ubuntu, therefore you are bound to have some big issues with stability.

    The principal with any computing or anything is that the more you tweak and fill it will addons the less stable it is.

    I recommend you tone down on what you do to ubuntu for example just
    install the desktop environment and refrain from overloading it with addons and tweaks.

    Sorry for being a bit unhelpful but I would not want any unnecessary things to ruin your ubuntu experience.

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    Re: Desktop sessions unstable

    Good answer from GT1. I would go one step further , if you really want to change
    your desktop ,rather than install and tweak a different session, install another OS.

    If you like Lxde for example, install Lubuntu, you will get all the defaults and
    dependencies that come with it and it will be stable, you can add and tweak from
    that point. Works for me.


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