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Thread: Connecting to Unsecured Wireless Needs Authentication Details??

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    Connecting to Unsecured Wireless Needs Authentication Details??

    I'm attempting to connect to an unsecured wireless service in my apartment building. This is easy enough in a GUI environment with a browser, if you're not logged in, a window pops up in your browser asking for your credentials (username, password) which submits that via php post/get off to their magical servers somewhere and you are granted access.

    I'm stuck trying to connect to this service with ""Command Line Ubuntu Sever"".

    I took the time to figure out the URL+PHP submitted to authenticate, which thanks to some university papers wasn't overly difficuly. So submitting the following url, with my details does actually grant access.


    How the heck do I use this in conjunction with Ubuntu server to login to this service manually or even better automatically.

    I've already set the wireless interface wlan0 in /etc/network/interface, so i'm connected to the AP, just have no idea where to go from here.

    # The wireless card.
    auto wlan1 <--------- yeah i use wlan1 and not wlan0
    iface wlan1 inet dhcp
    wireless-essid ImJustNotTelling
    wireless-mode managed

    EDIT: Whilst being connected to the AP, I was messing around and just used 'wget http://internetService/login?usernam...assword=MyPass' and that got me connected, but i'm sure that's a horrible way to do this...
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