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Thread: Ubuntu V Windows

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    Re: Ubuntu V Windows

    Usually I'm for the - if it does the job, I don't care which OS it is. However, my recent two annoyances with Windows:

    1. why for the love of everything do I need administrator permissions to start a simple user application, for example a book keeping program? Why do user applications even get those options? I try to maintain 2 office computers, but it's insane that every simple user application requires admin permissions.... Why can they be made that way? So theoretically I can put a password that protects the computer, but practically I need to hand out this password because she'll be unable to run the necessary programs.

    2. Windows are a very untidy OS. F.e. Vista. Did you see that little hidden folder, in MyDocuments, named AppData? It had more than 20GB of files in it, saving parts of each and every single program that was installed since the first boot of the computer. And yes, I did run various cleaning programs regularly.

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    Re: Ubuntu V Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by MadmanRB View Post
    For a decent linux alternative to windows media center try XBMC, I personally like it better then media center.
    As for DVD ripping, well there are plenty of DVD rippers out there, since DVD ripping is considered piracy I wont name software but it exists and most DVD ripping tools are comparable to the ones found on windows.
    I have tried XBMC but found it was no very good handling classical music which I have a large Db of, as to the ripping of DVD I have close to 500 on the server and have purchased them all and have the hard copy of each one to show. So technically you could say they are pirated but as I have paid for all the material I think is a mute point

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    Re: Ubuntu V Windows

    Quote Originally Posted by mike acker View Post
    I think this article <a href="" target="_blank"> Windows v Linux Security Question</a> is good reading -- for all of us
    Hey, just so you'll know, the forum uses shortcode instead of html code. So you do a link like this:


    only replace the ( ) with [ ]
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