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Thread: Dual boot Windows 8 and Precise -Dell XPS 8500

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    Re: Dual boot Windows 8 and Precise -Dell XPS 8500

    At first, I've reinstalled 12.04.1 from my usb as usual. Then I've repeated the boot repair in the same way I did the first time (recommended). I've entered ubuntu and I've upgraded it to 12.10. By the way I hope to install the correct Grub. Upgrade accomplished.
    This is the Grub2 menu created by boot-repair:
    Ubuntu advanced options (?)
    Windows UEFI bootmgfw.efi (?)
    Windows Boot UEFI Loader (?)
    EFI/Dell/Boot/bootmgfw.efi (?)
    EFI/Dell/Boot/bootx64.efi (?)
    System Setup (?)
    the last time I installed ubuntu the only entries were
    Of the 7 entries of Grub2 I know only the first one. My goal is always to dualboot the two os. I'd like to know the correct entries to do that.
    I've tried to edit the efi files by doing [sudo gedit ...*.efi] but the file is not text as sources.list or similar files. I don't know what really are these objects and what they do.

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