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Thread: Can't open Ghemical, and Avogadro keeps crashing

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    Can't open Ghemical, and Avogadro keeps crashing

    So I've been trying to use Avogadro for chemical/molecular modeling for a while. The thing is, after one my more recent updates, the copy/paste functions stopped working for some reason. I tried downloading Ghemical from Ubuntu Software Center. I clicked on install. It says it's installed, but when I type "Ghemical" into the Terminal, a white icon with the word "Ghemical" appears, but it won't open no matter how many times I try to open it. What can I do?

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    Cool Re: Can't open Ghemical, and Avogadro keeps crashing

    It seems like Avogadro's cut-n-paste doesn't work on Ubuntu. Yes, you can copy a XYZ-file from a terminal window and paste it into Avogadro. However, say, you select 3 atoms in Avogadro and copy-n-paste it in the same Avogadro window, it keeps pasting what was orginally stored (from the Terminal window). Otherwise it seems to work great.

    I have been using Avogadro for years on Mac OS-X and the program is very unstable, that's why I decided to give Ubuntu a go.

    It would be great to hear from someone about this!


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