I have a really annoying problem that i have been having for some time now and it driving me nuts.

When i play quake live i have a stable 125 FPS.
But when i talk in skype or teamspeak(3) i have full FPS until i get random fps drops down to 40 fps. They come really random and i cant figure out why.
The strange part is that it works with mumble but not those other clients. (but my friends can't use it so i'm still stuck with the problem)

Thought it was pulseaudio so I'v turned that of and used Alsa instead. But still the same problem.

I'v bought a new gpu (GeForce GTX 650 Ti) cuz i thought that that was the problem.
When that didn't work it thought it was the power supply unit that couldn't give enough power for my new card.. but that wasn't it either.

So it's down to some software problem, but i cant figure out what.
I have tried linux mint, arch linux, debian and ubuntu.
The only one that have worked was debian.

Ubuntu worked for a while but the lags started again a couple of days ago.

I'v been at this for some time now and its getting really frustrating.

I also have a similar problem with flash.. I can watch flash videos and streams in HD but as soon as i play it in fullscreen i get lags and the cpu is spiking. it works for a minute or so and that lag.

What could be causing this?

If you need any more information just tell me and i'll post it.