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Thread: [LBP Canon Printer] the printer worked just for one time! Now it crashes!

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    Red face [LBP Canon Printer] Can you help me to solve this error?

    Hello everyone,
    I've installed Ubuntu 12.10 i386 (updated) on our school lab room computers. there's a canon printer there that is connected to teacher PC via USB.
    I installed it following
    the printer worked for just one time well and after a reboot I get this error (Plz click on the below image to enlarge it). The teacher is asking me for "printer"!
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    Re: [LBP Canon Printer] Can you help me to solve this error?

    If you know anything to solve this error, please let me to know!

    I'm a newbie and I still don't know how should I solve these kind of errors.

    kind regards.

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    Exclamation May you do an autopsy on this error?

    Critical issue for me; please help.
    Any comments would be valuable.
    I would appreciate any comments.

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    Re: May you do an autopsy on this error?

    I'm confused! do you need more details? If you need to know more, tell me and I'll gather them around the system!

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    Re: [LBP Canon Printer] the printer worked just for one time! Now it crashes!

    this must all be very frustrating and disappointing for you; and perhaps very irritating too..

    I think we all struggle to know how to help you; I sense you may feel there is a large army of highly seasoned debuggers to sort stuff..not sure that is true.........

    ......for most of us, we plod along installing things and generally they work....

    I wonder if you have googled on the errors eg

    c3pldrv crashed with SIGSEGV
    .......most folks responses to the answers that emerge are: WHAT?

    1) I can only check you installed the common driver first and then the specific......

    I assume

    sudo dpkg -l | grep Canon
    gives you the correct answers; perhaps you copy and paste back what you get;

    2) what does
    captstatusui -P LBP%%%%
    give..I can't remember which LBP you have and this thread doesn't seem to detail it

    ........I have an LBP connected via a USB cable to a standalone computer running 32bit Ubuntu ........ I sense your school lab variant may be much more complicated........ maybe you help us by spelling out what it is ..

    I can only comment on what worked for me on my 32bit system:

    my favoured install is an amalgam of the Ubuntu capt page and sivella's advice:

    so from

    .........having installed the drivers ..........

    I like the command to register the printer:

    sudo /usr/sbin/lpadmin -p LBP%%%% -m CNCUPSLBP%%%%CAPTK.ppd -v ccp://localhost:59787 -E you don't need fifo directories........

    and then I like Sivella post #4 for the completeness

    of proceeding to

    Register the printer with ccpd daemon:

    then Start ccpd daemon:

    then Test install:

    ......then I did the Sivella tweaks to ensure it starts each time ..and it does ..........

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    Re: [LBP Canon Printer] the printer worked just for one time! Now it crashes!

    I just setup a couple of Canon printers in 12.04 . The first printer was automatically detected and I used the default driver. It worked fine - once - and then was flaky. Even when I could get it to print, it was very slow - almost like I had set it to "super fine" mode. I know this printer prints much faster than this and that something was wrong.

    So I went back to the driver Canon published for 10.04. The Debian package did not work, but I was able to install it via the text installer, and now it works well. Second printer also worked well by installing the same way. I don't know the model Canon you have but you might look for a driver for it on Canon's Europe site and even if 12.10 isn't officially supported, as in my case you might be able to get the old driver to work.

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