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Thread: Beginning a Career?

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    Question Beginning a Career?

    I'm getting into college soon, and am currently studying in C++. My question is, is what kind of code does Ubuntu run on? Do they code their apps in the software center with c++, Java, etc.?

    Also, I'm not sure if this forum was created by actual developers, but what kind of positions are offered (besides coding.)? Sales, Computer Technician, etc.

    I know there's also a thing about being a certified Linux "user." I've tried out LOTS of distros. And I think I can do well to help people who need it out. Of course, I need to practice more, but that goes without saying for most careers.
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    Re: Beginning a Career?


    "My question is, is what kind of code does Ubuntu run on?"

    It can run almost everything in World. C, C++, PERL, bash scripts, Java ...

    If you want to work with kernel and drivers I think you should learn C language.

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    Re: Beginning a Career?

    The linux kernal is written in C as are most programs.

    That said there is nothing to stop you using other languages.

    Canonical has been pushing "Quickly" as a programming environment for simple applications so Python is becoming more popular. That said, if exists as a language its probably been used.

    There is certainly stuff in C, C++, Python, Perl, Java, and probably plenty more too.

    Which should you learn? Depends what you want to write.

    C is essential if you want to work with the kernel and definitely worth learning even if you don't.


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