I'd like to upgrade from 10.04LTS to a more modern kernel, but I don't want to lose access to the various secured WiFi access points my laptop knows about.

I've tried going into the Network Connections app as well as seahorse to see if I could copy the pass-phrases to a USB thumb drive for restoration after the fork-lift upgrade.

Unfortunately all of the pass-phrases (i.e. there's white space in the string) have been mangled in such a way that they're not meaningful (to me). The only thing that displays when I check the "Show Password" box is a string of hexadecimal digits that don't appear to be either ASCII or UTF-8.

For example:
Two of the phrases I recall (and I don't remember all of them) begin with "Ro"
yet the first few digits of one shows "2b3f92" while the other shows "6feffa".

It seems to only affect phrases as I can read some passwords, but each of them are strings of alphameric digits with no white space.

Any clue on how to recover the original phrases?