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Thread: Noobie ,Learn by applying , Ubuntu 12.10

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    Noobie ,Learn by applying , Ubuntu 12.10

    To Help understand computer networking , as a task , to apply pro-active learning I decided to build and use a desktop file server . With the help of Ubuntu it was a success

    Now to understand networking further , some computer commands and a little of website building , what tasks would you recommend?

    Perhaps there's a book or some material somewhere which can enlighten and help people become pro-active and even acheive a lot through the use of a linux based PC ?

    The reason I ask is because I am stepping into the networking field , professionally and will need to learn networking , so to re-iterate-:what better way than to install Ubuntu . But as a hobby , perhaps building a website or creating an online file server , what other tasks or steps would you recommend ?

    I see huge potential using a linux computer but I feel I have a great deal to learn . Though as Niel Struass , once recommended "we need to apply learning, to learn " So how can I in real time, for instance start applying steps towards building a website ?

    Can anyone tell me a story or tale about how they learnt Ubuntu or Linux and how they achieved their level of knowledge using the OS?

    I want to know what people have achieved , where they have started and how they've harnessed Linux to their benefit

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    Re: Noobie ,Learn by applying , Ubuntu 12.10

    Quote Originally Posted by 90Ninety View Post
    I see huge potential using a linux computer but I feel I have a great deal to learn .
    Linux Bible or Debian Reference

    Some nice lite reading


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